Quick Tips About Gun Safety


You have heard many stories of how people got shot, either by accident or a person was bold enough to remove their firearm and shoot. It is not news anymore. The citizens of the United States are allowed by law to own a firearm.
There is big a debate each year concerning gun control when a mass shooting occurs. There are several gun safety recommendations and rules whose aim is to prevent the holders from accidental and negligent shooting unless there is a real reason to do so.
The rules help to prevent and minimize the risks caused by shooting such as injuries, death and damage to property.

The golden guide

Guns are weapons that can cause loss of life. Imagine a person who goes mad and is armed with a shotgun, opens fire at a crowded party. What follows are serious injuries and death to innocent people. Every gun holder, has a reason for owning a firearm.
However, they have the responsibility of using the weapon according to law. You cannot fool around and play with a gun like a football. If handled well, they are the best for defense, but when handled otherwise, they can be dangerous. Find more tips about guns saftey at http://www.extremesafes.com/handgun-safes/.
Here are some simple but real tips every firearm owner should know to ensure the safety of others.

Keep the gun unloaded

Many people in the states buy guns for home and sport use. They use these firearms to protect themselves from intruders. The best gun safety tip for a owner who has young kids is to keep the firearm without a loaded magazines or bullet.
Make this a rule unless it is an emergency. Some people get shot accidentally because they thought the gun empty.
Though a loaded gun can be used fast, it makes sense to be aware that sometimes, accidents happen. The unloaded gun is like a toy.

Keep off the trigger

For a gun to shoot, the owner must place their fingers on the trigger and pull. One safety tip for a gun user is to keep their fingers off from the trigger unless they have to shoot. Remember that guns require less pressure to pull the trigger. Once the fingers are on the trigger, there is a chance that the trigger will react and a bullet comes off. When handling a gun without the urgency to shoot, make sure the fingers are not near the trigger.


Don’t play and point your gun

A person who wants to shoot has a target. If you are not in danger, the best tip is to avoid pointing the firearm at a target unless necessary. You can hold the gun pointed to the ground. You can hold it in a direction with less danger. When pointing to a less dangerous position, check to ensure there is no danger ahead.

Gun operation mechanism

Many people get injured because the person holding it did not know how the firearm operates. There are different types of arms today, and each has a different operational manual. To ensure your safety and that of people and animals around, learn the basic operations. Get the manual to know how to open and close, remove ammunition and safety issues.

Have a safe or cabinet for storage

Before you buy a legal firearm, have a safe or a storage cabinet where you are the only person allowed access. It makes no sense to have the guns placed on the dining table.
Hide it away from kids and only remove it when in need. You can have the gun vault built so that it is placed in an area where access is not for every person especially the children.

Locking the gun

The guns manufactured and sold today come with a locking device. The locking device deactivates the firearm and makes it inoperable whenever it is not in use. It is an additional safety.

Education is the key

There are people such as kids and teenagers who wish to experiment with your firearm. It is the responsibility of the gun holder to ensure that other people understand safety regulations. If the unlicensed person comes across a gun, they should report it to the authorized persons.

Know the target

In some cases, you have to shoot for reasons best known to you. However, do not be careless and shoot for the sake. An additional gun safety tip is to evaluate your target and if there could be an innocent passerby beyond them. This will reduce potential tragedies .

Other safety tips


  • Never modify the gun you use. It might be dangerous for you.
  • Wear protective gear such as goggles during shooting sports
  • Use the correct ammunitions as recommended by manufacturers
  • Clear the gun barrel of any obstructions before shooting, even during emergencies.



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