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My name is James Cooper a retired U.S. Marine, writer and firearm instructor with experience in all matters related to firearms use and forensic. In my career, I have scripted a gun drama television series that aired on local television. The 10 part movie series showcases how uncontrolled gun regulations have contributed to deaths in the streets.

After retiring as a U.S. Marine, I set up a licensed firearm shop in Arizona where I have sold several guns to the community. I have also taken the initiative to train buyers on the proper gun usage, handling, and maintenance.

I have worked with the local police department and Sheriffs to educate the public about proper usage of guns, ammunition safety and even contributed in regulations for the gun control and usage.

I am a research associate at Fraser University. I have done research on illicit guns in the United States and the Caribbean through the United Nations Funded program. My writing has been published in the New York Times Washington post and the New Republic. I was featured in CNN and ABC News.




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